Catio and Coop Tour 2021

Twin Cities First Catio and Coop Tour

Saturday, September 18, 2021 • 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Curious about backyard chicken keeping? Looking for a safe way to bring your cats outside? This is the event for you! Visit the luckiest cats in the Twin Cities who have their own outdoor enclosed patios, called catios. Or visit their feathered friends, the chickens whose coops range from basic to palatial.

Fellow animal lovers, The Bitty Kitty Brigade and Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply partnered to bring you this fantastic parade of animal abodes. 

Attend the tour to ask questions about building your own catio or coop, find a builder for your dream dwelling, or just meet fellow animal lovers. All proceeds from ticket sales benefit The Bitty Kitty Brigade to provide care for orphaned neonatal kittens.

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Grab a friend and buy your ticket, today! Touring beautiful neighborhoods is always more fun with a friend. Plus, you’ll find that coops and catios tend to cluster in neighborhoods because good ideas always spread! 

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Kids of ALL AGES may attend at no charge.

Sneak Peak: Distinctive Coops & Catios on the Tour

Planning Your Tour

With so many coops and catios to visit today, your best strategy is to pick the ones you want to see most and visit them first. It doesn’t hurt to pick ones that are grouped in similar neighborhoods as it, as well. Spotlight on Roseville & Falcon Heights This beautiful neighborhood sports one coop, picturedContinue reading “Planning Your Tour”

The Seward Trifecta: A Coop, a Catio, AND a Builder

The Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis is this tour’s hotbed of cool places to visit! There’s the Seward Spice Girls, the Cat Sanctuary, and our latest addition, Ken the Catio Builder.. And they recruited one another to the Tour.

SIX Great Reasons to go on the Coop & Catio Tour

  1. Inspiration and design ideas come from looking at structures with a fresh eye. Seeing several coops or catios in the same day is exciting. 
  2. Learn about new methods that you haven’t seen or used before. Each city has different rules about electricity so you may learn a better way to keep your pets warm, for example.
  3. Meet chicken and cat people with generous hearts! Only passionate people open their backyards for tours, and they’re happy to share their secrets, their triumphs and their mistakes with you.
  4. See some beautiful chickens and cute as-can-be cats! 
  5. Enjoy some stunning pollinator gardens in most (if not all of the tour stops!)
  6. Explore sustainable local food sources.

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Share the fun with #CatioCoopTour and be sure to tag us: @EggplantSupply and @BittyKittyBrigade on Instagram.

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About the Partnership

Like cats and chickens on a farm, there are friendships between The Bitty Kitty Brigade volunteers and the kind and clever owners and staff of Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply. You’ll learn that structurally, a chicken coop and a catio have a lot in common. Plans are available to purchase online and a homeowner with basic carpentry skills can build a simple one.

Egg|Plant Farm Supply is partnering with The Bitty Kitty Brigade this year, but understand this is a change from previous years and if anyone needs a discounted or free ticket or just don’t want their money donated; they ask to be contacted directly. The store phone number is 651-645-0818 and their email is

All proceeds from ticket sales benefit The Bitty Kitty Brigade.

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