How to Make the Most of the Tour

We expect guests and hosts to be on their best behavior and that everyone will have a fantastic time. However, “best behavior” is different for everyone (just ask any parent…) Thus, we’re sharing some tips for guests today.

Come Prepared

  • Keep in mind that these are private residences and the homeowners are graciously sharing their coops and catios with tour guests
  • Bring water, a notebook and pen, camera, sturdy shoes, a hat and sunscreen.
  • Understand that you may need to park several blocks away. City yards often lack adequate pathways for wheelchairs and strollers.


  • Ask the host if it is OK to take photos (most will say yes), then be sure to turn off the location setting on your camera or phone.
  • Ask if the host minds if you share your photos on social media (most will say yes, so use the tour hashtag #CoopCatioTour, but again not their address).
  • Ask questions, but understand that your host may not be able to answer all of your questions if there are other people who also need help. Don’t monopolize the host’s time with endless questions!

Say Thank You!

  • Do compliment the host on what you like.
  • Ignore what you don’t care for; you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love animals, so remember the cats and chickens you meet are very important to their families. And their design choices may not be to your taste.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t bring pets.
  • Don’t bring youngsters unless they’re under your complete control at all times. Ask your host before using a stroller in the garden.
  • Don’t arrive before the tour officially begins, and don’t stay after it ends.
  • Don’t smoke or picnic in someone’s yard.
  • Don’t ask to use the bathroom.

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