TWO Catios and a Gorgeous Garden

Meet Susan and Toby, one of the luckiest cats in Falcon Heights! Toby has a free standing catio, called the Cottage that Susan purchased from Wayfair plus an attached Penthouse catio.

Toby’s Attached Penthouse

Susan’s partner built Toby’s attached penthouse catio which Toby can enter via a special door from Susan’s screened porch vs. being carried for visits to the cottage. Being a very snuggly cat, Toby enjoys being carried to the cottage, but we’re pretty sure he enjoys the independence of choosing when he wants to play outside and chatter with the bees and birds courtesy of Susan’s glorious garden.

Gardens Enchant Toby

The abundant blooms naturally attract bees, butterflies and songbirds which make Toby’s outside time even more enriching.

Next Stop: Next Door!

Toby’s neighbor has a catio, too! So be sure to visit these Falcon Heights gems on the tour.

Check Back Soon for Video of Toby in Action

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