The Love Cats Shack is Finished

As my fellow foster volunteers with the Bitty Kitty Brigade would agree, this catio, Love Cats Shack improves daily. I’m confident it will be done by 10 a.m. on Saturday morning! Or at least complete enough for the cats not to escape from it and the visitors to enjoy it.

A work in progress

Project Managers, Ni-Ni (Chenille) and Hyppolite, recently joined our family from The Bitty Kitty Brigade. They were two of a litter of five kittens that were so friendly and fun we wanted to keep them all and ended up persuading friends to adopt the rest. In foster parlance this is called a “foster fail,” however we feel like we won. (Honestly, I would have happily adopted all of the 25+ cats I’ve fostered.)

Harness Walking Insufficient say the Cats

Our two Francophone kids bought them harnesses so they could take the cats for walks. The cats love going outside! No they really love going outside, which is a nice way of saying they try to dash out the door constantly. The harness walking only whetted their appetites for the outdoors, hence the formerly awkward alcove on our deck is now an enclosed catio that will soon have a cat door directly into our dining room.

Ça pas suffit!

Ni-Ni et Hyppolite

The Builders

Built by one of my sons and his father, our catio is safe and sturdy, but will not win any awards at a carpentry show. However the cats cannot escape! The birds in the yard are safe. And we can leave the front door open for more than five seconds without one escaping!

Les chats et le chien francophones

Our cats and dog understand French because it is the only way I can get the kids to speak French. It’s a funny thing being an adult who learned French in college and who will forever sound like an American to hear her children speak French as they do English with the most beautiful accents. That is if she can get them to speak French. I’ve let them mock my accent, I encourage them to ask me how to say the most difficult words I can think (écureuil and feuille) just to hear them laugh and correct me, but nothing works better to them to speak French than teaching our dog French.

Every time Hershey heard the word “walk” or any of its synonym, she would go nuts. So we switched to French thinking we could talk about her without her understanding. I mean, after all, isn’t that the best revenge among siblings with different language skills? It took her about two weeks before she learned the meaning of, “Je promène le chien.”

Tu veux faire une promenade?

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