The Seward Trifecta: A Coop, a Catio, AND a Builder

The Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis is this tour’s hotbed of cool places to visit! There’s the Seward Spice Girls, the Cat Sanctuary, and our latest addition, Ken the Catio Builder. That’s not his real company name, it’s HomeProud Handyworks. And they recruited one another to the Tour.

The Spice Girls of Seward

The Spice Girls of Seward enjoy a lovely garden to dust bathe, hunt for grubs, frolic happily. Their coop is a repurposed play house amended with used building supplies.

The Cat Sanctuary

Lynn calls her catio, a cat sanctuary because she likes rescue cats! “Nanny (Goat)” was a rescue feral kitten (she has a ruff under her chin, hence the name). “Socks” came from the Feline Rescue whose nick name is “Orca Kitty” because she’s a large tuxedo cat. However, Lynn says she is so sweet that she doesn’t live up the to whale nickname.

Equally impressive to rescuing cats is the fact that Lynn built her catio herself. She’s updating right now, so you may not see the cats in it on Saturday.

Ken the Catio Builder

Ken will be off building Saturday, so he asks that you view his catio from the sidewalk.

The catio is best viewed from the end of the brick wall by the garage along 24th Street, looking east at the back end of the house where the catio is.  If my greyhounds are in the yard they will likely say “howdy” over the brick wall to anyone who stops by to take a look at the catio – they are very friendly! 

Ken, the Catio Builder

2 thoughts on “The Seward Trifecta: A Coop, a Catio, AND a Builder

  1. Our catio has a spiral staircase so the kits can navigate the 3 levels. It was pretty funny watchIng them try to figure out the spiral staircase after I finished building it. LOL. Unfortunately our precious Clifford left us 2 years ago and our pretty Lucia has the catio to herself – for now…


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