Volunteer as a Host

Share Your Coop or Catio

Coops and catios come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. And all are welcome on the tour. Complete the form below if you’d like to volunteer as a coop or catio host.

This is not a self-guided tour. However, based on past tours you will have down time (i.e. you won’t have tour guests all day long.) Guests can visit any or all of the coops or catios listed on the tour map. Each guest will receive guidelines on respecting your coop or catio and following the safety guidelines to ensure the health of people and animals alike.

Check out a few coops and catios from the tour

Complete this Form to Volunteer as a Host

Thank you! We all appreciate your willingness to share your fellow love of animals with our greater community.

Upon submission you will receive instructions on sending photos.